Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Diet blog

Long time no see! I've somehow managed to gain followers despite not posting for the last 6 months... I'm changing this blog to document my diet and fitness and hopefully my success in later months.

I've finally taken it upon myself to actually do something about my weight, which has gone up by about 2 stone in as many years. I've tried the Dukan Diet (Google it, but I wouldn't recommend trying it) and had success but got very sick of basically just eating chicken and cottage cheese every day.

This time round I've finally found a 'diet' that I will actually stick to, because I can eat whatever I want and still lose weight! Seriously?! I hear you cry, tell me your secret! Well, it's hardly a secret, it's just a simple thing called calorie counting. After discovering calorie counting on MiniMins, a weight loss and fitness forum, I decided this is definitely for me! With help from calorie counting app MyFitnessPal, it's very easy to follow and you can still incorporate the odd chocolate bar and takeaway in it, as long as they fit in with your daily calorie limit!

I'm on week 2 now, with a starting weight of 196lbs (14 stone! FML.) and a current weight of 192lbs and aim to get into some size 12/32in waist denim shorts in time for my holiday to Crete at the end of May!

Operation Size 12 Shorts is on. I will keep updates on inches, lbs and food ideas in coming weeks and hope that you see alot more of me, or should I say alot less???